Hello people! Skroll ke bawah n u'll see part of me :) for those yang not interested,,SILA CLICK BUTANG 'X' YG WARNA MERAH KAT HUJUNG ATAS KANAN YEA. thanks :)

chak! hi-tea :)

hello hye :)
Lucky me today,, my class end at 9.30 a.m. Thank you to Sir Jeffrie Othman,,our new lecturer for BEL 120.
Since i've got nothing to do,,I think this should be the right time to write about yesterday. wait! I mean,,the day before yesterday :) *hee.sorry.

sangat best di hotel a famosa *best kea? :) u know what? i've never been there before until the day KECIK invited me n friends for a HI-TEA there. my biggest problem is I tak ada dress pun untuk ke function macam tuuu. But then,,kitorg buat tema sendiri..which is TERPESONG daripada tema asal. tema function tuu GREY but we all pakai BLACK. *ouh yeah!

i just dont care about orang-orang tua di situ yang pakai dress cantik2 sedangkan we all pakai baju yg sangat tak formal :)

I duduk di satu table with this guy beside me :)
And guess what?? Dia jadi my special waiter hari tuu.. Thankz yea ;) Sangat baik melayan kerenah I. But I know that he knew me well..No doubt. He's just a simple guy with his unique style. He is just soo perfect in his own way :) I'm just too lucky to have him!

walau seSIMPLE mana pun we all..walau terPESONG jauh dari tema..we all dapat perhatian dalam majlis tuu :D hebat tak..here we are : ALL BLACKS

ouhhh!its already 4:47 pm! gotta go now :) bubye.

just when i'm lost...

:) i'm good now (:


Assalamualaikum w.t.b......hello. hye!

its been a haru-biru week f0r me. ergh~ :'( u know why?? here's da story...almost everyday i got calls from my classmates...

A**** : beb,,dyorg sume kata xde klaz.
me : oke,,good then! :)
A**** : bubye.
me : thnkz beb! bubye :)

after a few minutes....i mean,,while i tengah tidur..my phone rings again.and i was like WTH???
A***** : beb,, ada klaz!
me : what?!

then,,i rushed to bilik kuliah. okay,,i know laah bilik kuliah tuu just bawah tower rumah i jea..but LIFT tuu memang jeles dengan kecomelan i..LAMBAT BEBENOR! tunggu lift tuu macam tunggu i nak jadi GABENOR!! tuu satu hal pulak. and then bila sampai bilik kuliah,,as usual...tunggu our lecturer to come in laah. like people says,,BILA KITA TUNGGU,TAK SAMPAI2. BILA TAK TUNGGU,CEPAT JEA SAMPAI.and plus...!! BILA KITA TUNGGU,, KADANG2 MEMANG TAK SAMPAI LANGSUNG! yang itu memang menimbulkan KEMARAHAN. okay,,relax diya. chill girl!  memang panas gile hati nie derrr...tunggu sejam lecturer langsung tak masuk. okey,, FINE! so i pun balek. u know what? the same thing happened for almost everyday since my first day here in this college. ouhh~

when i'm having my freaking bad day (like today),,
mula laah i fikir..why did i choose this college? why ouh why?! and i started to think..."menyesal nye masuk kolej nie..." maybe i was a little bit terburu-buru nak masuk diz kolej dulu..plus,,i already tolak offer to KOLEJ MATRIKULASI SELANGOR and UTM JOHOR. i've never dreamed to further my study in a college! all that i ever wanted since i was a kid is NAK MASUK UNIVERSITI. NAK AMBIK IJAZAH. but it all end up with : college and diploma only. :'( they say,, its okay..belajar mana2 pun sama jea. but i just couldnt accept it! i just couldnt face the truth that all my dreams when i was a little girl wouldnt come true :'( it was all just a dream..........and now i realised that

and THE ONLY REASON that i didnt want to take that offer to matriks and utm is : I WANNA BE ALONE. seriously,,right after i get my SPM result, i promised to myself one thing...one thing that no one else know other than me myself, ALLAH swt  and my mom of course :). and now i'm telling u guys...SAYA TAK NAK JUMPA KAWAN2 SAYA,,RELATIVES SAYA which i think yang akan tanya about my SPM yang daah lepas and akan ketawakan saya punye result. NEVER! I DONT WISH TO SEE THEM. SORRY. and that is why i stay here in this college...which i never mentioned which or what college to people except to my BELOVED FAMILY and TRUE FRENZ :)

and the other reason i stay here in this very college is my NEW yet TRUE FRENZ :) they're always there for me when i needed the most. they support me when the whole world turns against me.. thank u girls! u make my day! :D

the last but not least...

...ALHAMDULILLAH~  bak kata budak kolej nie..UNTUNGLAAH ADA ORAGNG SAYANG :) memang saya sangat beruntung ada family yang sangat memahami saya. :)
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